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          About Us
          Cultural Competency and Inclusion

          Multicultural Curriculum

          Berwick Academy actively works to integrate themes of multiculturalism, inclusion, and diversity into all divisions and subject areas

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          • Lower School

            The Lower School

            504 Gateway Time-out

            Learn more about Lower School academics.
          • Middle School

            The curriculum in the Middle School spans a variety of topics and subject matters with a multicultural focus. Sixth grade humanities focuses on ancient cultures from around the globe. Seventh grade world cultures works closely with science in their Global Ex project, focusing on cultural and geographic study of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Eighth grade history explores “The American Experience” (“TAM”) through the following thematic units: Perspectives on Democracy - including an in-depth analysis of the Bill of Rights and Civil Liberties; Race, Civil Rights, and Social Justice in America; War, Trauma, and the Veterans Experience; and Industry, Innovation & Entrepreneurship - an empathy and innovation-driven unit. Finally, eighth grade ethics explores the themes of moral decision-making, ethical leadership, and appreciating difference through empathy.

            Learn more about Middle School academics.
          • Upper School

            Many of our Upper School 504 Gateway Time-out

          Global Citizen Pathway as a framework for their academic experience.

          Learn more about our Upper School curriculum.

          Travel Program

           Learn more about our Travel Program.

          Innovation Pursuits

          The Berwick Innovation Center allows students in grades 4-12 to pursue an area of interest or passion through self-directed study with the assistance of an involved mentor. Some of the pursuits involving a multicultural or inclusive theme include:
          • Musical expression and American Sign Language
        • 504 Gateway Time-out

        • nginx
        • 504 Gateway Time-out

        • Learn more about the Berwick Innovation Center.

          Berwick Academy

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